Are you doing social media with a purpose? - Ep 47

We're all encouraged to be on social media.  After all, that's where our customers are right?  However, only a minority of people have a plan for their social media marketing and are, therefor, not doing social media properly.

You see, it's vital to make sure you're encouraging your followers and connections to get involved that little bit more.

You need to nudge them to take some interest in your services or products.

In essence. your social media activity should be there to nurture that audience towards becoming paying customers.  And if you're not doing this then you're only doing it for the fun of it.

So, try and ensure that your social media is serving your business in some way.


N.B. This channel will soon be re-branded to Auckland Business Builders.  You'll get the same great content but it'll just be called something else.



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